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Our team will be serving with David and Marianella Buenos. David and Marianella are full-time career missionaries from Uruguay, with a heart for the forgotten people groups in Panama. Their primary mission is to serve the indigenous Panamanians living in remote villages throughout Panama. However, their mission has now grown to include a large homeless ministry in Panama City with an associated ministry to inner-city youth.

Part of our team will be serving as a mobile medical clinic, taking medical care to people who often could not otherwise access it. At the same times and locations, the other part of our team will be conducting various evangelistic activities through children’s programs, sports, and one on one conversations.

Our team will leave early and travel up to 2 hours by bus, flatboat, or canoe to ministry locations in deep jungle villages, remote mountain villages, and on the streets of Panama City. Once there, we set up our clinic area in a borrowed public part of the village. Sometimes it is a school or a church, but it could also be the community thatched roof pavilion or even the community cooking area.

Are you interested in going on this trip or learning more about it? Let us know by filling out this form.

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