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Equipping disciples to go deeper in theological education and ministry leadership.


Charter Oak Church created the COC Institute to equip disciples to go deeper in theological education and ministry leadership. COC has begun to offer a variety of seminars and is developing courses, additional seminars, internships and residencies for people to grow in theological knowledge, spiritual enrichment, and leadership development.


Participation is open to everyone regardless of their home church. 
Seminars and Courses offered through the COCI cover a range of topics including biblical studies, theology, spiritual formation, and Christian Leadership. There are no educational prerequisites prior to any registration.


Hearing God

Developing a Theology of Spiritual Discernment

Learning to hear God is one of the marks of Christian growth. What are the theological foundations for identifying and responding to the voice of God? Are there preconditions to being able to recognize when God is speaking to us? How might other theological beliefs we hold affect the way we communicate with God?


This seminar will explore these and other questions to help us develop a theology of discerning God’s voice which we can then apply in our everyday life with God. 


A Survey of the Gospels

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John perhaps the most well-known books of the Bible as they tell the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Each Gospel writer has a slightly different theological purpose. This seminar will explore the content, themes, and theological perspectives of the four gospels giving us a richer understanding of the Gospel narrative.


Rule of Life

Structuring Your Life for Spiritual Growth

Throughout the ages, Christians have applied spiritual rhythms and habits to their lives in order to grow in holiness and love. Submitting to a set of spiritual practices is known as having a “Rule of Life.”  This is an ancient practice that is growing in popularity today. This seminar will explore the history and theology of a “Rule of Life” while also providing practical guidelines for how to develop and effectively submit to one in today’s world.



Exploring God's Plan of Redemption

This seminar will provide an in-depth study of the five major covenants God makes in the Old Testament with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David. By studying the theological themes of these covenants, we will fully understand the Old Testament narrative and its vital theological connection to the New Testament.

Upcoming Seminars

No events at the moment


The topic and information were so foundational and Pastor Ben presented it all with such enthusiasm and clarity. It was a perfect book and topic for me, pulling together some other things I’ve studied lately- as they say, “the light bulb turned on."
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