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BiG Creek

Big Creek Missions is an interdenominational, evangelical ministry in Bear Branch, KY.  “The terrain is rugged and unforgiving.  Technology is lagging.  The coal mines are nearly gone. Few jobs are available that provide living wages. Everybody knows somebody with cancer - and someone struggling with addiction.” This is how Big Creek describes the context in which they have lived, served, and sought to glorify God for the last 18 years.  

  • Some ways participants might serve:

    • Light Construction - Project(s) and repairs at local homes will be aligned to group’s skill level and may include things like wheelchair ramps, porches, roofs, floors, windows, etc. 

    • Community Outreach - Groups may deliver food baskets or distribute clothing, food, or hygiene kits; go to nursing homes, schools, or other places where people need a loving visit from Christ-followers; join in caring for the elderly through home visits, improvement projects, and more.

We’d love to have you join us on our next trip to Big Creek. If you’d be interested in learning more, email Dave Wilcox at If you are ready to go, register now at the link below. 

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