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Chris has the awesome privilege to serve the family of Charter Oak Church and this region by casting vision, preaching, and developing leaders. Chris became the Lead Pastor of Charter Oak Church

in 2005.


Jason helps implement the vision of Charter Oak Church primarily through operational development and proper execution of its ministries. He is a mission-driving, process-minded leader who can help others deliver results that reflect the church's mission and values.


Jonathan champions the life and direction of Crossroads campus through the communication and implementation of the mission, vision, and values of Charter Oak Church.

Our Team


Ben joined the Charter Oak Church family July 2020. Ben comes to COC from his role as an assistant pastor in Fox Chapel. He is excited to lead the Jeannette Campus and certainly has a heart for the city.


Bill has an incredible gift and passion for worship and ministry. He has over two decades of experience in leading people to connect with God via worship. 


Juan (pronounced Juh-wan), as he goes by, oversees the life and direction of the campus. He ensures that the system, practices, and policies of the campus effectively supports its ministry strategy.


Ty handles the day-to-day Human Resources, provides executive level support, scheduling, record keeping, and calendar planning. Other duties include, but are not limited to, the coordination of baptisms, communion, weddings, and funerals.


Kaylyn manages the communication flow between the congregation and church leadership. She is responsible for ensuring a consistent experience across multiple platforms such as the website, phone app, social media, print publications, and more. 


Angie Cosner,
Business Manager
Central Services

Angie directs the financial activities, operations staff, campus facilities, food services, and equipment. Angie is also responsible for the accounting systems, reconciling of the statements, and more.


Cindy provides a church presence in the life of those who need care and encouragement within Charter Oak Church. She also works with senior adults to address the needs and opportunities to grow as a disciple.


Sarah champions the healthy connection and integration of new people into the life and biblical community of the Frye Farm Campus. She is also passionate about using music and the arts as a vehicle to infuse passion for Jesus in people of all ages.


Josiah leads the Frye Farm Campus contemporary weekend worship. He is passionate about making God's heart known through music, and longs to see people come into a powerful, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.


Joe Scheller 
Director of Worship Arts
& Student Ministry
Worship Coordinator

From being the musical lead on stage to coordinator of technology, Joe leads all aspects of worship at the Crossroads Campus.


Aubrey is passionate about sharing the hope and message of Jesus through music. She has a warm heart for others and loves to lead people in worship. 


Andrew is passionate about seeing students take ownership of their faith, discover God’s plan for their lives, get involved in serving others, and become rooted in God’s Word. 


Jody coordinates nursery care for the worship services and special events at the Frye Farm campus. She has a unique heart for children and desires to introduce them to Jesus at

an early age. 


Jessie Hempel,
Office Administrator
Central Services

Jessie oversees the administrative functions of the church including printing, copying and ordering supplies, as well as providing administrative support for ministry areas. 


Kristi champions the recruitment, training, and deployment of people to serve in local missions and creates avenues to reach those in our region who do not yet know Jesus. 


Janet McMahon
Director of Kids Ministry
Frye Farm

Janet directs Weekend Kids Ministry to provide an environment where kids experience the unconditional love of God.  Janet’s duties consist of inviting and equipping leaders in Kids Ministry, working with the curriculum, and communications with both parents and volunteers.


In this role, Denny helps people discover their next right step in becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus.


Dave has been placed by Reliant Mission at Charter Oak Church as a Missions Mobilizer for the region. His role is to help people live missionally and take their next right step; whether that’s walking across the street or living on the other side of the world.


Justin Anderson
Worship Arts Technology Manager
Frye Farm

 Justin oversees technology related to weekend worship services and other special services, celebrations, or events and serves under the direction of the Frye Farm Director of Worship Arts.

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