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Image by Hannah Busing


"And how are they to preach unless they are sent." - Romans 10:15

We should recognize that there are some that God calls to cross-cultural ministry and there are those who co-labor behind them.

Never think that just because you stay back while others go that you are less important or less meaningful in the case of world missions. You simply have a different role, but it is a vital one. Those that go depend on you. 

How can I be a Sender?

  • Send by using your finances to launch out others that are taking the Gospel to the world.  Click here to financially support our Missions Reserve Fund.

  • Send by using your prayers.  You can daily shoot prayer arrows around the world asking God to raise up laborers, empower those that are laboring, and bring about fruit for His glory in the world.

  • Send through the work of discipleship.  Disciple others with a world vision and seek to send them into the harvest field.

If you’d like to learn more about how God can use you to be a Sender, please contact our Missions Mobilizer Dave Wilcox.

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