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The Charter Oak Church Online Campus is a new and growing community who gather online weekly to participate in our 11am Celebration service. We understand that not everyone can attend one of Charter Oak Church’s physical campuses, but you can find a home at our Online Campus! Coming together on Sunday mornings is just the beginning. We want to encourage you in your faith and equip you to infuse a passion for Jesus into everyone in your life!


Here are 4 steps to join our online community:

Step 1: Join regularly on Sundays at 11am and participate in our weekly celebration service.


Step 2:  Join us on zoom after the service to connect with other members of the online community.


Step 3: Learn more about who we are and the importance of being part of a church family in our “Welcome to Charter Oak Church” class on Zoom.  


Step 4: Join an online small group!  Small Groups are essential to getting connected as part of our online campus family!

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