Image by Luke Stackpoole

Global Gates

Sifting Weeks are very strategic to Global Gates because mission teams greatly multiply their efforts to seek and find people of peace who desire to know more about Jesus. Once found, Global Gates hopes to begin an evangelistic/discipleship relationship with them. Global Gates also hopes and prays that participants will gain experience during this trip that will assist them in their personal ministry back home or wherever God sends them.

Participants that go on the Sifting Week are sent out to strategic areas to sift for people of peace. The primary modes of engagement in this opportunity are prayer and evangelism.

Participants will have engaging conversations with unreached people, hear their stories, pray with them, share the Gospel and Christ’s work in them, and ask them if they are willing to meet together again with their family/friends to share more. You can see a short video about Sifting Weeks here.

On a typical day, participants will have morning meetings to worship together, debrief the previous day, and have training until lunchtime. Then, participants will go out into the community in groups of 2-3, spending the rest of the day meeting people, praying with people, sharing the Gospel, distributing language-specific Gospel materials, etc. Groups are encouraged to eat in the restaurants of the focus populations and meet in the evenings to pray for people they met during the day and to celebrate what God did.

LEADER NEEDED! This missions opportunity is not currently being offered because a team leader has not yet been identified. Maybe God is calling you to lead. If you’d consider possibly leading this missions opportunity, please pray about it and then contact Dave Wilcox.