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In June 2020, Charter Oak Church launched the house church movement.

We believe this is another way we can worship God together. 

Just like we see in the Book of Acts, the early church met in their homes. We can do the the same thing.

You can use the form below your campus to register for a house church from the list.  


You can also register to host a house church by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Frye Farm Campus

There are no house churches currently meeting.

Crossroads Campus

Bitz House Church, Sundays at 6pm (Mask or face shield required)

Claney House Church, Sundays at 9am (Mask or face shield required)

Hartland House Church, Sundays at 11am (Mask or face shield required)

Zorzi House Church, Sundays at 11am (Mask or face shield required)

Jeannette Campus

There are no house churches currently meeting.

Mt. Pleasant-Scottdale Campus

Sign-up MPS

Conn House Church, Dawson, Tuesdays at 6pm

Eicher House Church, Scottdale, Sundays at 6:30pm

Marotta House Church, Mt. Pleasant, Mondays at 7pm

Gates House Church, Greensburg, Thursdays (every other) at 7pm

Sperandio House Church, Connellsville, Sundays at 5pm

Anderson House Church, Greensburg, Tuesdays at 6pm

Hosting Information

If you are interested in hosting, please fill out the registration form. You will be able to pick the day and time that works best for you and also determine the number of people you are comfortable hosting at this time.

We would invite you to read the document below for more information on what it could like to host a house church. This document shares with you some best tips and practices as you get started.

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