Frye Farm Lyrics (August 1/2)

Lay Me Down

Verse 1

With this heart open wide From the depths From the heights I will bring a sacrifice

Verse 2

With these hands lifted high Hear my song Hear my cry I will bring a sacrifice I will bring a sacrifice


I lay me down I'm not my own I belong to You alone Lay me down Lay me down Hand on my heart This much is true There's no life Apart from You Lay me down Lay me down


Verse 3

Letting go of my pride Giving up all my rights Take this life And let it shine Take this life And let it shine



It will be my joy to say Your will Your way It will be my joy to say Your will Your way It will be my joy to say Your will Your way always

Never Gonna Stop Singing

Verse 1

You called out Into darkness You reached down To save us


You conquered the grave You crossed the divide Lost in our sin You made us alive How can we ever hold it inside We can't hold back


We're gonna lift You Higher higher Hearts burning bright like a fire fire Voices unite make it louder louder We're never gonna stop singing Oo we're never gonna stop (singing)

Verse 2

Set free No longer bound in chains You rescued me And called me by name



Every tribe every tongue Every heart will sing Every knee we will bow to the risen King Lift Him up lift Him up We're never gonna stop singing Oo never gonna stop

Come Out of That Grave (Resurrection Power)

Verse 1

There’s a sling in my voice And a stone in my praise Pushing back when the darkest weapons form There’s a power on my lips Even death can’t defy When the name of our God is lifted high

Chorus 1

‘Cause there is resurrection power When we sing the name of Jesus Resurrection power When we raise a mighty sound So come on let the praise get loud Make that empty grave resound ‘Cause there is resurrection power In His name


Verse 2

There are days I have seen Filled with heartache and loss That have buried my heart beneath the weight But every time His praise breaks out Dead things rise up from the ground I won’t leave my song inside that empty grave



Dead man come out of that grave Come out of that grave when we sing Captives let go of those chains Let go of those chains when we praise

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