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With only about 2% of Bulgaria being Evangelical Christian, there is a deep need for the name of Christ to be known and worshiped. Even among self-proclaimed Christians, racial tensions have divided Bulgarians for many years. This trip has a specific focus on the Roma people. The darker-skinned Roma people are mostly Muslim, looked down on and treated as the lower class of society, and forced to live in poverty in the margins of society. Nevertheless, God is doing great things in Bulgaria and many Muslims are turning from their faith and surrendering to Jesus.


According to Servant Life, the relational value short-term teams have with nationals plays a tremendous role as a catalyst for God working in Muslims and are one of the best means for native church planters to engage their community.

Our team will be traveling back and forth from the capital city of Sofia to a few outlying regions to work with local churches in community-wide ministry and outreach to the Roma

people. When the team arrives in a village or community, they often host an exciting kids’ festival, feeding program, or English class. Many of the residents, including entire families, will come out to join the team. Each event concludes with a Gospel presentation and an invitation to a worship service that sometimes occurs later that night.


Participants can expect to be part of Gospel presentations, worship services, many relational opportunities while playing with children, and numerous other opportunities to show and share the love of Christ. See a short video of what a typical trip might look like from Servant Life’s partner Mission Bulgaria here.

We are unable to schedule this opportunity at the current time due to COVID-19 restrictions.  We are working, hoping, and praying for the day to come soon to be able to send out short-term trip teams safely to Bulgaria! If you're interested in attending this trip when it becomes available, please fill out the interest form.